Total Immersion Foundation
Fundacja Pełne Zanurzenie (Total Immersion Foundation) was founded in 2016. The aim of the organisation is to support and promote new forms of audio-visual storytelling in Poland and abroad. We work with audio-visual storytelling formats that employ digital and interactive technologies, multiple platforms and tools (trans-media, cross-media), and that draw on viewer’s activity (interactions online participation and online participation). The Foundation fosters and promotes phenomenona such as interactive documentary and film, immersive theatre, Alternate Reality Games, computer and video games, projects that use Augmented or Virtual Reality, Internet of Things.

contact: hello@pelnezanurzenie.pl

Fundacja Pełne Zanurzenie

ul. Szanajcy 14/39 03-481 Warszawa
VAT PL1132925304


Katarzyna Boratyn

Curator and producer of cultural events (film and new media), documentary researcher and film editor. For many years affiliated at Kino.Lab’s Laboratory of Media Art program at the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle (program curator between 2010 and 2012) in Warsaw, Poland. As a freelancer, she has worked for cultural institutions and NGOs, programming and producing events such as „Direct it yourself” and „Interception” exhibitions at 2014 Przemiany Festival organised by Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Center and KRK Interactive section of the 55th Krakow Film Festival). Author of numerous articles about contemporary documentary cinema. Recipient of art grants from Polish Ministry of Culture and Warsaw City Council. Faculty member of Lodz Film School. Co-founder of StoryCode Warsaw, board chairperson at Total Immersion Foundation.


Anna Desponds

Digital culture manager, film curator and media strategist. Between 2008-2014 she helped develop the Planete+ Doc Film Festival (Docs Against Gravity). Coordinator of the international project Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema. Curator of programmes on interactive storytelling (Story-Re-Telling section of the NInA Beta Version 2015, Interactive Storytelling section at Digital Cultures Conference in 2018). She runs the Odbiornik podcast for the dwutygodnik.com magazine, focusing on hybrid digital culture. Organiser of the StoryCode Warsaw network and co-founder of Total Immersion Foundation. Graduate of University of Warsaw’s College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities, where she studied sociology and anthropology.


Marcin Marczyk

Co-founder of StoryCode Warsaw and Fundacja Pełne Zanurzenie (Total Immersion Foundation), organisations aiming to promote new narrative forms in Poland and abroad. Film and television producer, new media and technology enthusiast interested in their influence on storytelling methods. Participant in The Pixel Lab, Transmedia Next and MultiPlatform Business School. He is currently developing a storytelling platform that transfers stories onto urban tissue. Founder of Udyssey Creative Technologies production studio.