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In the database you will find essential information  about writers, filmmakers, designers, programmers and other creatives as well as about their their digital, interactive, participatory projects such as: i-docs, AR, VR, games, interactive films and other new forms of engaging and experimental storytelling.

All makers presented in the database took part in StoryCode Warsaw meetups shared their experience with the community.

StoryCode is international community of makers form diverse fields – professionals who are looking for innovative forms of narration: writers, filmmakers, designers, programmers. StoryCode meetings take place in 20 cities in the world and since 2015 also in Warsaw. At StoryCode we are interested in such phenomenons as storytelling that uses many platforms and tools (trans-media, cross-media), interactivity and participation.Our meetups focus on new fiction forms (interactive film, narrative games, immersive theater, Alternate Reality Games) as well as non-fiction forms (interactive and participatory documentary). We are interested in new technologies (Augmented and Virtual Reality, Internet of Things) and tools for storytelling and engaging viewers. We try to search for answers to essentials such as business models and monetization.